Architectural Powder Coating

Eclipse architectural powder coatings are high performance, high quality, expertly applied, durable coatings designed specifically with architectural applications in mind. Suitable for use on aluminum and steel for both interior and exterior applications, Eclipse architectural powder coatings offer excellent durability, good chemical resistance and mechanical performance and is a true sustainable alternative to liquid and anodized finishes.

Powder coating is specified because of its durability, scratch resistance, gloss retention, weatherability, resistance to chalking, the unlimited range of colors, finishes, glosses and textures.

An environmentally friendly finishing process, powder coat metal finishing meets AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) specifications. This makes powder coating an important part of a sustainable or green building project that incorporates low-emitting products. Virtually any part and any product in your next project might lend itself to powder coating including metal and aluminum composites. Powder coating offers advantages over liquid paint and anodizing.

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